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Our workshop staff have a combined total of over 50 years of experience in Classic Car Restoration — mostly on the Datsun 'Z' Sportscar range.

A good supply of LHD Imported 240Zs' are available from the US, and it is our policy to recommend that we start with a rust-free, unmolested example from this source for all our Full Restorations, as there are virtually no (properly) restorable RHD cars available in the UK nowadays. We can source and Import these for you, and a typical project will convert each example to RHD using a custom-made Bulkhead and Scuttle panel to provide an undetectable 'perfect' RHD Bodyshell which has the strength and integrity for a long future life.

Bodyshells are stripped and blasted to bare metal, then seam sealed on all lap joints for rust protection, Panel gaps are corrected to Manufacturers tolerances, with new panels fitted and/or repair sections let in as appropriate, followed by 2-pack Etch Priming. The Bodyshell & all enclosures are then given 2 coats of hi-build Primer, hand flatted, then four coats of 2-pack topcoat to the colour of your choice. When hardened, this is then carefully hand flatted with superfine papers then hand polished & buffed to produce a mirror-finish to 'Concourse' standards.

When fully built-up, the Vehicle is then Waxoyled throughout all cavities and Undersealed. All moving parts are then either renewed or reconditioned — the Engine Bay is well detailed and all fixtures & brackets, for example, are either new or Bright Zinc Plated. All interior trim is either new or restored to 'as new', with of course new carpets, weatherseaLs, etc as necessary.

Our best advertisement is our past work — as many of our past clientele can testify. Of course, you are welcome to visit our workshops to view 'work in progress and then judge for yourself. All Full Restorations are quoted on a `firm-price' basis following a discussion on your choice of specification and any modifications.
The typical finished Restored 240Z will entail a minimum of 800 man/hours and will best be described as 'next best thing to new', furthermore will enjoy much better rust protection than the factory provided!