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Reconditioned 240Z Engines— Kit Car & Replicas

Over the last few years we have reconditioned more than 150 'Z' Engines and 'transmissions, and we supply many Kit Car Replica Constructors, including:-

• Beauford Cars Ltd
• Sebring International Ltd (Healey 3000 Replica)
• Marlin Cars Ltd

The 240Z/260Z.J280ZX Engine has a well-deserved reputation for reliability, ruggedness, ease of maintenance and long life — many examples have logged up over 200k miles without rebuilds. With a genuine 150bhp in standard spec and producing strong mid-range torque, it is an ideal candidate for a wide variety of period-style vehicles.

Our Reconditioning process takes a minimum 70 man/hours per unit and includes assembly with new Core Plugs, Crank Bearings. Piston Rings. Water & Oil Pumps, Timing Chain & Tensioner, Reground Valves & new oil seals etc. All are converted to accept unleaded Fuel and are finished to a choice of colour.

Each is supplied with a 2 year unlimited mileage Warranty and a Technical Information leaflet detailing all the essential Servicing Data for a long and happy life. Plus, our clients have a 'Hot Line' for any further advice on installation and Running-in.

With the complete Engine & Transmission package we include the ancillaries — Distributor, Starter Motor, Alternator. Flywheel & Clutch, Propshaft, in fact everything ready for installation in your vehicle.

Please call for our current Price List and delivery schedules